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The Jack Bull DVD

The Jack Bull DVD | $5.98

John Cusack stars in this wild west feature written by his father, Dick Cusack, about a man who believes in justice, but is forced to take the law into his own hands. Cusack plays a horse breeder who crosses a ruthless land baron played by L.Q. Jones. Jones wants to own everything he sees and when…
San Francisco 2.0 DVD

San Francisco 2.0 DVD | $19.98

…and activists into its streets. With the onset of the digital Gold Rush, however, young members of the tech elite are flocking to the West Coast to make their fortunes, and the influx of new tech wealth is forcing San Francisco to reinvent itself. As these innovators lead America into the golden age…
The Night Of Blu Ray

The Night Of Blu Ray | $59.99

…the brutal murder of a young woman on Manhattan's Upper West Side, examining the initial police investigation, arrest, and imprisonment of the prime suspect a likeable, unassuming college student who finds himself and his family thrown into the pit of NYC's criminal, legal, penal and judicial…
The Wire: The Complete Series DVD

The Wire: The Complete Series DVD | $150.92

…creative debt to the novels of Richard Price (especially Clockers), the series opens as maverick Detective Jimmy McNulty (Dominic West, in a star-making role) is tapping into a vast network of drugs and death around southwest Baltimore's deteriorating housing projects. With a mandate to get results…
The Last of His Tribe DVD

The Last of His Tribe DVD | $19.98

…died. These are secrets no man knows - but Dr. Kroeber makes it his mission to uncover them before the last of the Yahi is gone forever. Like Dance With Wolves, The Last Of His Tribe takes you into a world of violence, mystery and survival- theworld that was still the Old West, before it became new.
Conspiracy DVD

Conspiracy DVD | $9.97

…a nightmare. His armies could be found freezing and starving on the Eastern front, and America's fighting forces had just entered the war to the West. On January 20th of that year, 15 officials attended a conference at Wannsee on the outskirts of Berlin. Comprised of mid-ranking SS commanders and…
Showing items 1 - 6 of 6

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